Experience the pageantry and history of the Texas Vaquero in three performances that celebrate and pay homage to the vaquero with performances of charros, Escaramuzas, and the modern-day ranch vaqueros.

October 8: Friday’s events begin at 2:00 pm with the first of three daily performances that tell the story of the early days of the Mexican vaqueros, charros and history of the Escaramuza during the Mexican revolution.

October 9: Saturday’s performance at 2:00 pm will highlight the transfer of Mexican charro skills to ranch vaqueros and the celebrated horse traditions of that period.

October 10: Sunday’s performance will be at 12 noon and will be historical compilation of the first two time periods as a celebration of the present-day Vaquero and Charro. Plus on Sunday we will host Ascencion Banuelos for a traditional horsemanship clinic tying the Charro skills to modern day competition.