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Seating Options

Bronze Star: reserved seats. Seat discounts for children 3-12 and seniors 60+

Silver Spur: reserved seats, close to the rodeo action located on the first two rows of the arena, five (5) seats available per reserved box

Gold Buckle: reserved, comfortable, oversized, cushioned seats with head and arm rests that have built in cup-holders, located on both sides of the arena on the “50-yard line”

VIP: 3 rows, tiered and perched above the roping chutes with a bar that offers adult beverages located on row 3

The Coliseum is climate controlled with indoor heat & AC 365 days a year.

Arena Dimensions:
Width: 93′
Length: 161′

Roping Box Dimensions
Roping Box: 14ft
Tie Down Barrier: 9ft
Team Roping Barrier: 12ft

Barrels/Electric Eyes
Electric Eyes to 1st Barrel 34′
1st Barrel to 2nd Barrel 63.5′
2nd to 3rd 78.7′
1st & 2nd –15′ off Wall
3rd Barrel 31′ off Back Wall

Built in 1908
Upon its grand opening, the Cowtown Coliseum was the finest indoor exhibition & rodeo performance center in the world.
In 1908, it cost $250,000 to build the Cowtown Coliseum. In today's dollars, that would be around $6.2 million plus labor.
Rodeo competitions occur nearly every Friday and Saturday night starting at 7:30pm.
National Historic Registry
We are proud to be one of the most historic buildings in Fort Worth. Presidents, kings, queens, legendary comedians, rock n roll stars, and the best amateur and professional cowboys & cowgirls have passed through our doors.

$45 Million

In prize Money







The Best Cowboys & Cowgirls in the world!

The Cowtown Coliseum has become a prime breeding ground for the best

talent in American Rodeo.

Our amateur & professional athletes are some of the best in the world and

many go on to win sanctioned events globally.

Our performances are loaded with some of the biggest names in the sport from

the best ranches in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and beyond.

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